Business Wear

September is an interesting time in the world of fashion because of all the new fall lines are released. This gives consumers a plethora of options as seasons change and new styles are showcased.

Many of us have some sort of direction when it comes to adopting new styles, while others may feel helpless. It also doesn’t help that office dress codes vary from business to business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dominate in style! Below, we will walk through some looks that will help you improve your daily office wear.

Dominate in Your Suit

In 2018 the corporate look has become much more relaxed with companies leaning towards business casual. For those corporate warriors that are still required to sport a suit and tie, here are some tips to have you looking like you run the show. First, let’s push those solid black & navy pieces to the back of your closet. These days, it’s perfectly acceptable to meet with your boss or close a large deal wearing a subtly patterned suit. There is depth, character, and professionalism all rolled into one garment. If you are still stuck on wearing a blue suit, then go with a medium or slate blue option. This is the new navy and an option that can be worn as a solid or pattern. Keep in mind however that thick pinstripes will give off a Gordon Gekko vibe. On the contrary, a thinner pinstripe, subtle windowpane, or Prince of Wales check will deliver a look of modern youth and provide you with the confidence to rule the office.


Shirt Styles

Once these new suit styles are acquired, it’s time to identify the right shirt options. Yes, it is very easy to grab your white or pale blue shirt to wear with the new threads, but let’s avoid that urge. Rather, let’s incorporate new hues such as purple, pink, yellow, green, and red. These can be very powerful and sometimes overwhelming colors, but when you find them in soft tones you can put together an acceptable look. Now that you have suits in subtle patterns, pairing solid shirts with them is perfectly fine. But remember, as your comfort level grows try adding some gingham or micro-stripe options to the mix. And don’t be afraid to try French cuffs and different collar styles like a spread, cutaway, or club.

Shoes for Success


What you put on your feet can make or break your outfit and you don’t want to be caught sending a message of carelessness. So step outside the standard oxford or derby box and try out double monkstraps or dress boots. Keeping your shoes polished and rotating between wears can keep up their overall look. You can even kick it up a notch with a burgundy monk or blue/brown balmoral boot. The monkstrap can be paired with your grey and navy suits to upgrade that classic look. They can also be dressed down and worn with dark jeans. Lastly, wearing a dress boot ( which can be worn with a suit or jeans ) will immediately set you apart from the crowd.