Enhance Your Style and Increase Your Income

Custom navy pinstripe suitYes, it’s true –  you can enhance your style and increase your income! How is it possible? Well think about this, what feeling do you get when you put on your best suit, dress or pair of shoes? You feel Amazing and with that comes a heightened level of self-confidence. Confidence that exudes and improves how others perceive you. Not only that, but those who are well dressed begin to think more like a CEO and can tackle more obstacles throughout the day.

There is also an onset of bigger picture thinking. Meaning, individuals are no longer as concerned with minor details that may deter from larger tasks. And studies have shown that people will rely on the opinions of those who are well dressed due to the perceived level of power they wield.


Dressing Better for More Money

Dressing well also projects competence in one’s role or ability to complete their job. With this comes increased opportunities as well as promotions. Granted, you can’t just sit on your hands looking great, you still have to perform! But those who “look” better in the workplace tend to accel further and faster.

In a 2014 Yale study (https://www.wsj.com/articles/why-dressing-for-success-leads-to-success-1456110340), two groups of men between the ages of 18-35 were pitted against one another in mock buying & selling negotiations. Those who were well dressed (suits) ended up with a better overall profit than those who were dressed more casually (sweats & sandals). They also ended up with fewer concessions.

Overall, these psychological enhancements can fuel someone to work harder or be more assertive, which can then lead to increased production and a higher income. If you’re considering a change in your wardrobe, begin with the one-up approach. Wear a blazer If everyone in your office is wearing shirts and slacks. If everyone is wearing a blazer, throw on a suit. When you’re at a point when everyone is wearing a suit, then step out and rock the three-piece! Especially one from Bespokuture.

Just remember, you can enhance your style and increase your income. But it does not necessarily make you smarter!