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At Bespokuture we value our community and take pride in the civic partnerships that we have formed. As we operate in the clothing industry, it only makes sense that we provide new/gently worn suits to those in need. We have partnered with the 100 Black Men of North Metro Atlanta to provide young gentlemen with suits that will enhance their look and bolster confidence as they interview and begin their collegiate journeys.

We also partner with 40 Girls and Some Shoes, a Georgia based outreach program servicing the homeless and impoverished citizens of the City of Atlanta and its surrounding communities. We proudly collect and donate new/gently worn shoes and delivery them to men, women and children in need.

The Harvard Diversity Project has a simple goal – to promote educational equity by creating opportunities for underserved youth to gain exposure and access to academic training that will distinguish them as top candidates in the college admissions process. Bespokuture is privileged to be able to provide a portion of our proceeds to that mission.

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100 Black Men of North Metro Atlanta

40 Girls & Some Shoes

Harvard Diversity Project

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