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Do you have trouble finding perfectly fitting dress shirts that look great? Then Bespokuture Shirt Club is the answer! We provide you with the convenience of receiving a custom made shirt every single month for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months out of the year.


Why Choose Bespokuture?

Our work literally speaks for itself!  With more than 20 years of experience, our master tailors have the ability to craft shirts that match your individual style and allow you to conquer each day in style!


How it Works

Pricing – This unique subscription service bills monthly based on your preferred plan. You can select to receive a custom dress shirt each month for either 3, 6, 9, or 12 months out of the year. The cost per shirt decreases at each tier starting with $105 at 3 months, $100 at 6 months, $95 at 9 months, and $90 at 12 months. Clients even have the option of paying upfront for their subscription term and receiving a further discount. If you want to upgrade to our premium shirts, the pricing starts at $125 for 3 months. 

Process – Our clients find great joy in being able to design their own custom dress shirts. Not only will the cut and drape be spot on, but they are able to select all aspects of the shirt construction including collar, cuff, placket, pocket, bottom, back, and more!

Step 1 – Click HERE to view our fabric options and create your very own client portal by selecting the “Log In” and then “Create Account”. Fill out the new client information form and upload two (2) full-body photos (Click HERE to get directions on how to take proper photos) for sizing*.

Step 2 – Choose your preferred shirt fabrics (3, 6, 9, or 12 options) and add to your wish list by clicking on the heart icon. The standard subscription includes all shirts at the $140 price point. Any shirts added that are above $140 will be identified as a premium option and your subscription price will be adjusted accordingly. 

Step 3  Move your shirts into your cart and select the customization pen icon to begin designing each one. You can simply follow the step by step navigator to complete your customization preferences. 

Step 4 – Select your monthly subscription option below

Step 5 – Sit back, relax and smile as we deliver unrivaled style and convenience to your home!

* We offer more ways to retrieve your measurements. A) Video measurement session B) Send us your favorite shirt C) Get measured locally D) Capture your own with our guided videos (Click HERE to view)

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