Custom Suit Pricing

Pricing is simple – Your suit cost is determined by your fabric selection. We don’t nickel and dime you, and we don’t up charge based on design styles, monogramming, or for any alterations your suit may need during the second fitting.

[Suiting] Tier 1|$700 – $850| Our suited traveler signature and premium fabrics are great starting points for our newer clients. They provide an easy step into the realm of custom without any limitations. *Custom waistcoats are an additional $200 – $225

[Suiting] Tier 2 |$950 – $1,500| With brands like VBC, Tessilstrona, Huddersfield, Guabello, and Cavani; our premier level fabric offering delivers total satisfaction at an unrivaled price. *Custom waistcoats are an additional $250 – $425

[Suiting] Tier 3 |$2,500| This is our executive line of fabrics for those suited warriors who appreciate the heritage of fine mills such as Loro Piana and Ermenegildo Zegna. *Custom waistcoats are an additional $725

We also offer a truly Bespoke experience consisting of custom pattern creation, muslin fittings, full canvas interlining, and a fully handmade bespoke garment. The process spans from 5 – 6 weeks at an investment of $2,200 – $4,800.

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**Fabric Mill Description**

Angelico fabrics are milled in Biella, Italy using fine Australian fibers.

Our Cavani fabric is made of 100% worsted wool. Its medium weight offers comfortable year-round wear and resistance to wrinkles. Comfortable, elegant, and optimal for any season or climate, Cavani is an excellent choice for a foundational wardrobe piece.

Located in Biella, Italy, Drago was originally a spinning mill and did not engage in full dying or processing. About 20 years ago, Drago took over one of its main dying customers, Fintes, and changed the name of the mill to the family name, Drago. Due to its vast experience in both spinning and dying, the value is incredible. This collection boasts a variety of year-round patterns and textures that are medium weight and suitable for all occasions.

Ermenegildo Zegna has arguably established itself as the most well known high-end Italian brand in the world. Known for their technological advances in silk, wool, mohair, and cashmere production, Zegna has brought luxury to the forefront of the clothing industry. The Trofeo collection is a Zegna classic offering strength, softness and resiliency as it’s main characteristics. This bunch is made of prestige Australian superfine merino wool with long fibers. The Zegna Trofeo is the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication.

The Guabello mill was founded in Biella, Italy in 1815. For over 200 years Guabello’s knowledge and craftsmanship have been handed down from generation to generation to ensure the same great quality and performance. These collections are manufactured using high-quality top-grade Merino Wool, making them lightweight and comfortable fabrics perfect for year-round wear.

Based in West Yorkshire England, Huddersfield is an internationally renowned fabric house with superior and selectively-sourced fabrics. Combining innovation in their designs, and tradition in their outlook, Huddersfield is the epitome of British elegance with global appeal.

Founded in the early 1800s, Loro Piana has brought Italy’s finest to the world. As one of the most respected and well-known names in the industry, Loro Piana offers a complete collection of suits, blazers, evening wear, and seasonal fabrics. This iconic mill purchases only the highest quality raw materials to ensure your garment will last.  

The Vitale Barberis Canonico (VBC) family has been milling woolen fabrics in Italy for over 350 years. The VBC family can trace its milling roots back to 1663 and is known worldwide as one of the largest producers of Italian wools around.


Custom Jacquard Tuxedo Jackets [$750 – $1,050]

When it’s time to step up and step out, clients select our luxurious jacquard and brocade fabrics. These ornate designs allow you to stand out on your wedding day or set the tone at any formal event.

Custom Shirt Pricing [$140 – $195]

Our custom shirts are crafted in 2-ply 100% cotton or soft and breathable linen. Our fabrics, which are sourced from England, Japan, Austria and Italy are woven into the finest shirts for your business or casual wear needs.

Custom Overcoat Pricing [$700 – $1,300]

Our premium overcoats and are made from a high-quality blend of heavy wool and angora rabbit hair to protect you from the elements. We also carry blends in wool and cashmere, as well as wool and silk.

Custom Jeans Pricing [$195 – $225]

Contact us regarding our custom jeans and select your ideal fabric from our classic cotton denim or cotton and lycra blends for a comfortable stretch.

Custom Shoe Pricing [$365 – $529]

At Bespokuture, we literally kick it up a notch by offering high end made to order slippers, shoes and boots. These pieces provide the finishing touch to your look whether you’re in a business, formal or casual setting. We can craft in leather, suede, velvet, exotica animal skins, and a variety of sartorial fabrics. Our skilled cobblers can also apply a burnish or hand painted patina finish to each pair.

Luxury Leather Goods [$119 – $729]

Keep the style flowing and navigate in true luxury with made to order pieces like phone & cigar cases, book bags, satchels, and travel bags. Dive into our wide array of leathers and sartorial fabrics. We can also incorporate burnishing or patina finishes. Visit our Leather Goods page and try your hand in designing one of your very own!


We first begin with a conversation regarding the type of garment or shoe you may be looking for and when it will be worn. It’s important for us to discuss the “why” behind your purchase so that we can help you identify the perfect materials and designs for your pieces.  Fabric selection is next and our Bespokuture clothiers will be happy to sit down with you at home, work, or a convenient location to review swatches. Once the fabric is selected, our experts will walk through the design of your custom piece step by step and ensure that all of your specifications are included. Then our clothier will capture your measurements and confirm the desired fit for all areas.

After 4 – 5 weeks (5 – 7 for shoes) we will have the second fitting and take care of any tweaks or adjustments if needed. In 4-5 days your alterations will be completed and the garment will be properly set for the perfect drape and fit.

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