Bespoke Suit Pricing

How much does a bespoke suit cost? Well, our pricing is simple – Your suit cost is determined by your fabric selection. We don’t nickel and dime you, and we don’t up charge based on design styles, monogramming, or for any alterations your suit may need during the fitting process. We are more concerned with bringing your vision to life and providing a true investment to your wardrobe. 

Our bespoke suits & tuxedos range from $1,400 – $6,500 depending on the fabric and take 6-8 weeks to produce from scratch. At Bespokuture, we craft handmade suits with a full canvas interfacing. We create a new pattern for each client and have a plethora of fabric options from the very best mills in Italy. Adding a waistcoat for a three-piece will be an additional cost of $550 – $1,650 and our handcrafted blazers run $950 – $3,200. Our shirts range from $225 $350 and our overcoats are $950 – $3,500. We also offer custom jeans ranging from $500 – $750.  And If you need custom slippers, dress shoes or boots – the cost will range from $500 – $1,850 depending on fabric, style and finish. We have exceptional leather and patina finishing capabilities, along with numerous sartorial fabrics. The production lead time for footwear is 5-7 weeks. In addition, we can produce luxury leather goods such as messenger bags, briefcases, bookbags, and duffle bags ranging from $350 – $2,200.  



Our Process

We first begin with a conversation regarding the type of garment or shoe you may be looking for and how it will be worn. It’s important for us to discuss the “why” behind your purchase so that we can help you identify the perfect materials and designs for your pieces.  Fabric selection is next and the Bespokuture clothier will be happy to sit down with you at our suit lounge to review swatches. Once the fabric is selected, our expert will walk through the design of your custom piece step by step and ensure that all of your specifications are included. Then our clothier will capture your measurements and note your body structure to confirm the desired fit for all areas.

It all starts with a hand cut pattern used to create the mock suit. This trial (or muslin) fitting piece is prepared to ensure that the drape and fit are on par. After the trial fitting, the actual fabric is cut, hand stitched, and readied for the next try on. If any additional tweaks or adjustments are needed, these will be taken care of and your completed garment will be properly set for the perfect look. Our bespoke suits & tuxedos are crafted with a handmade full canvas interlining along with hand stitched buttonholes, collars, sleeve joining, pick stitching, and more.