custom three-piece suit

If you’ve ever heard me talk about functional wardrobe options, I undoubtedly mentioned the importance of the three-piece suit. This selection will prominently display your modern day refinement and aesthetic prowess. Regardless of whether you are wearing a solid color or an elaborate pattern, the three-piece suit is the best way to showcase your threads.

It goes without saying that you must first get comfortable in your three-piece suit and show off its full glory. In terms of style and appropriateness, this is the dressiest of your business suiting options. You wouldn’t typically wear a three-piece suit to work unless you are the boss, or simply want to outshine them. The full three-piece look gives off a Wall Street executive vibe, so keep that in mind when preparing for your next meeting.



Not Your Average Three-Piece Suit

custom jacket, vest and pants

For a sleek and dapper look with less formality, toss the jacket aside and show off the waistcoat and pant on their own. This set can be accompanied by a tie or bowtie or none at all. You can also leave the jacket out of the equation to allow for more range of motion and better airflow. CLICK HERE for some unique vest options.

Increase your stylish look by mixing up the jacket, waistcoat, and pant. Depending on the fabric, color, and pattern, you can play around with options to achieve a few different looks. This gives you the opportunity to incorporate more colors and textures, or simply break up the uniformity of your three-piece. Hence, the strength and importance of the three-piece suit. You can view our wide selection of fabrics HERE.


custom-made three-piece suit


Ultimately, if you just need a strong and simple option that will fare well throughout the day, go ahead and leave the waistcoat at home. The standard two-piece is a great way for you to tone down the set. 

So no matter how and when your three-piece is worn, just be sure to have one in the rotation. If you need one custom-made, we can certainly help with that by visiting our SUIT PAGE.