Frequently Asked




Q: Do you work with clients outside of Atlanta, GA?

A: Absolutely! For clients who cannot connect in person, we can use different methods to collect your measurements: 1) Provide a step by step measurement guide. 2) Connect for a video measurement session. 3) Send us one of your best fitting suits to utilize, along with your photo and fit preference.

Q: Can you make clothes for women?

A: Yes, our master tailors can create suits, blouses, pencil skirts, jeans, and overcoats for our female clients. We can also produce slippers, shoes and boots; as well as travel bags for women.

Q: Do you offer gift certificates?

A: Yes, You can purchase in exact dollar amounts, or for specific pieces. (Contact info@bespokuture.com for more info.)

Q: What is your policy on alterations?

A: Bespokuture covers all alterations needed after the 2nd or final fitting. We take care of all updates to the garment within a 30 day period.

Q: Are your suits constructed using fusing, half canvassing or full canvassing?

A: We craft all of our suits using a fully handmade full canvas construction.

Q: It sounds like you guys can do everything! Is that true?

A: Well, we’re almost there! The only pieces we do not craft are formal gowns and riding boots.

Q: Do you craft pieces for larger men and women?

A: We do indeed! It’s all custom crafted, so we can provide pieces for individuals of all body shapes and sizes.

Q: Do you rent tuxedos?

A: No, all of our garments are custom crafted from scratch