Custom Suits Are Well Worth The Money!

If you have ever thought “should I buy a custom suit?”, you are not alone. The average consumer is unaware of the benefits of going custom; so we’ll provide a glimpse into the realm of custom crafted garments. In the end, you will understand why you SHOULD buy a custom suit.

The Fit

As the name implies, a custom garment is made especially for you based on your body measurements and style. It is crafted to accommodate your particular form and posture, and can likewise account for sloped shoulders, a short torso, or very long legs. Once a custom fit is experienced, it’s almost impossible to return to an off-the-peg garment that is rarely, if ever, “just right”.

The Selection

It’s easy to find the standard blue, black, or grey suit in stores. However, you have the option to choose from hundreds of fabrics in different patterns, weight, and material composition when you go custom.


The Quality

There is a high level of craftsmanship offered with full or half-canvassed suits. They deliver an exceptional fit that drapes properly and holds very well over time. You will want to ensure that your garments are being constructed with 100% wool or other natural fibers (Check out our fabric selection HERE). Multi-blend substitutes tend to limit breathability, increase the chance of wrinkling, and wear out faster.

The Unique Effect

Taking the above points into consideration, your custom tailored garment will be as individual as your own signature. Whether you prefer a peak or notch lapel, single or side vents, standard or functional cuffs; you will have the option to literally customize and build out every single detail.


The Value of Custom Suiting

A custom garment is well worth the cost, especially when considering all of the advantages. It will outlast your store-bought threads and will undoubtedly set you apart on your dapper conquest.

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