Plaid is a woven fabric which utilizes different colored yarns that cross over each other in order to create a blocky linear pattern. Tartan, however, refers to very specific types of Scottish plaids (differentiated by certain colors and patterns) that are embedded with history.
Origins of PlaidYou may not know, but plaid is much older than one might guess. There is evidence of Celtic tartans dating as far back as 8th century B.C. Manufacturers from the US & UK began appropriating Scottish tartans and creating plaid textiles for their respective markets.

Gaining popularity

By the 19th century, plaid began to really gain traction in the United States. This was thanks in large part to the influx of Scottish immigrants who brought parts of their culture (including tartan fabric) with them to their new homes in the States.

Tartan Today

Over the past several decades, trends began changing much more rapidly, and as a result, so did plaid’s relationship within the fashion world. As time went on, plaid continued to cement itself as a fashion staple throughout various countries.

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